Hi there! My name is Sarah. I’m a 21 year old college student following my dream of becoming a music educator. I’m currently studying at Central Michigan University and hope to graduate within the next two years. This year, I’m taking a semester off to do the Disney College Program. My program starts May 20th and lasts until next January! :D I’m super excited to see where things go within the next few years. I created this blog in order to document my journey in a more organized manner.

Some things about me: I’m super bubbly and outgoing and love making friends. If you’re extremely introverted, I might make you uncomfortable but I’m harmless, I swear. ;) I play the flute and have been since 4th grade. Music is still one of my biggest passions and I can’t wait to share it with kids. I’m also an avid runner. I’ve been running for 3 years and have just completed my third marathon. I love this sport with all of my heart and will probably blog about my running experiences most. Along with being a runner, I’m a fearless eater and chef. I love trying and experimenting with new foods. If one of my recipes is a big winner, you’ll definitely find it on this blog. I don’t follow any particular diet (for reasons I’ll talk about later) so you’ll see a bit of everything. I do try to eat a lot of whole and nutritious foods while also enjoying lots of delicious treats. I also like to lift heavy weights, swim, bike and practice yoga occasionally. My goals aren’t really weight-related but I do know that I just want to run some killer marathon times, finish an ultramarathon and do an ironman. :)

As mentioned before, I don’t follow any particular diet because of my prior struggles with anorexia. I was a prisoner of my eating disorder for 3 years and started the journey to self-love and recovery last year. It’s been a long and very difficult journey but I can proudly say that I am in a much better place now. I don’t think I could’ve fully recovered if I went on a crazy clean-eating kick or tried vegetarianism, veganism, paleo, etc. I’ve learned to have a normal and healthy relationship with all foods. Yeah, I’ve gained about 20 lbs but the mental gains have been completely worth it. :) On this blog, you’ll constantly find inspiration to love yourself as is. I am firmly against promoting weight-loss as a way to have a better life. I believe in Health At Every Size as well as self-love at every size. My sass will probably to a few blog posts calling out many diet programs on their BS. I hope that my lifestyle will lead some readers to ditch the diets and love themselves.

Other than that, I love to read and listen to music. I also love to travel and learn languages. I currently can speak Arabic, German and English and hope to improve my French and learn Italian in the near future. I also love history and culture. I’m a huge nerd who watches Doctor Who, Sherlock and Supernatural religiously as well as anything Disney. I have a strong faith in God and hope to just love on as many people as possible. As much as I’m a huge talker, I also love to listen. Ultimately, I just hope that my journey can help others get to a better place. If you have any questions, send me an email at haida1sn@cmich.edu. Stay tuned for more posts! :)


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